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Maine Township High School District 207 is developing a Master Facility Plan (MFP) that will address educational and facility needs at Maine East, Maine South and Maine West. The proposed renovations will make our schools safer, improve accessibility, extend the life of the buildings, and create updated classrooms that will be more flexible to meet the needs of today's student learning environment. Additional background concerning this effort may be found in this letter to community members from Superintendent, Dr. Ken Wallace.

Summary of Proposals

A summary look at proposed building improvements for each school may be seen here:
Maine East
Maine West
Maine South

Maine 207 administrators have heard pertinent questions from the many community members who have attended a presentation and open house or returned the mail surveys sent to homes throughout District 207. Many of the most often heard questions - with answers - may be found in this Master Facilities Plan FAQ.

M.E.P. (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Assessments of Each School
Engineers, with assistance from District 207 maintenance personnel, have analyzed the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (M.E.P.) systems and equipment throughout Maine East, Maine West and Maine South high schools. Through this process, each component and system's useful life has been evaluated, along with potential cost to replace or repair. Complete reports may be found at the links below:
Maine East MEP Condition Assessment
Maine West MEP Condition Assessment
Maine South MEP Condition Assessment

Proposed Master Plan Report
District 207 has been working on a Proposed Facility Master Plan for more than a year.  The Proposed Facility Master Plan is comprehensive document that provides detailed information on the process, as well as information on solutions. The Proposed Facility Master Plan does not include information on how the Plan would be funded.  The District is currently gathering community feedback on how much, if any, of the Proposed Plan should be funded.  

The Citizens Task Force will make a recommendation to the Superintendent, who is responsible for making a recommendation to the Board on the Facility Master Plan and funding.  If the Board of Education takes action on the Facility Master Plan and Funding, then the actual funding of the plan would be up to the community through a referendum.

Th Proposed Master Plan Report is divided into four parts.
Part 1 (Executive Summary) - Includes The Executive Summary, covering process, evaluation and findings.

Part 2 (Approach and Analysis) - This segment of the Proposed Master Plan Report includes Department Analysis; Architectural Conditions; Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing assessment; and Fire Protection conditions.

Part 3 (Recommendations) - Includes consensus approaches and budget estimates.

Part 4 (Appendix) 

Community Presentations & Tours
District 207 thanks the many community members who gave their valuable time to attend and participate one of our several community open houses to learn more about District 207’s highest priority facility needs, the proposed improvements, and anticipated benefits. The feedback offered by community members during these events has been valuable as the District and Citizens Task Force fine tunes the Master Facility Plan. 
You can get a basic look at the challenges facing the District and the proposed solutions in this slide presentation. 

  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy