College and Career Planning

College and career planning occurs throughout high school for students and their parents. These links provide more detailed information. Additionally, Maine 207 offers parent nights and there is a College and Career Counselor in each school to work with students individually.

College and Career Counselor sites
Each Maine 207 school features a College and Career Counselor Office that offers a range of information and services on such matters as college applications, financial aid, scholarships, visits from college representatives and more.
Maine East College and Career Resource Center
Maine West College and Career Resource Center
Maine South College and Career Resource Center

Maine 207 Career Experiences
Maine 207's Career Experiences Program - offered in collaboration with our community partners and featuring Career Treks, internships and employment opportunities - is designed to do one thing: help all students make the best decision about their plans after high school by letting them gain relevant career experience before committing  money and time to pursue a degree and career.

Graduation Requirements
Information about Maine 207 graduation requirements, which align with requirements from the State of Illinois and admissions guidelines from top universities. These graduation requirements serve as the foundation for helping students select courses and career experiences throughout their years as Maine 207 students.

Continued learning beyond high school
Information about a range of topics including:
  • Career Clusters
  • Career Cruising, a solution that helps students identify their own interests and skills and the connections between those and careers
  • Opportunities to earn college credit while in high school
  • College applications, including the Common Application
  • FAFSA, college financial aid
Information about ordering transcripts from Maine 207

  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy