Human Resources

Human Resources
Maine Township High School District 207 relies on the commitment of approximately 800 certified and non-certified staff members to support the learning and growth of its students. Acknowledged to be among the nation’s best, Maine 207's high schools, located in Chicago’s near Northwest Suburban area, are comprehensive learning facilities which have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Maine Township High School District 207 ranks very competitively in all areas including academic performance of students, pupil/teacher ratio, teacher salaries. Additionally, Maine 207 boasts innovative professional development and teacher leadership opportunities with extensive embedded professional development as well as instructional coaching for all teachers.

Open positions to join our professional, collaborative team are posted on an ongoing basis via Frontline Education. Interview processes typically begin with video interviews. This document includes tips for completing a digital interview.

Human Resources Information for existing staff members

Pre-Employment Documents for new staff members

Collective Bargaining Agreement 2014-2020

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